Goal- Improve Community Safety: Address underlying needs of high-risk youth and their families in an effort to strengthen families and communities.

Safety of the youth, their family and the community has the highest priority in this Campaign. The community based Continuum of Care must include the capability to provide services that address the underlying causes that create unsafe situations such as mental illness, substance abuse, abuse and neglect, abandonment, disconnectedness, truancy, gang involvement, gun violence, extreme poverty, bullying, discrimination and other causes. Services and supports must be intensive and have the capability of providing round the clock care when needed and services must be accessible 24/7.

Services must also focus the intervention in the most vulnerable neighborhoods and at the hours when the services are most needed. Community Teams should be established to make sure services are well coordinated and that youth or situations are not falling through gaps and situations are not left unattended. Families, schools, law enforcement, government agencies, probation and youth themselves must have the capability to identify unsafe situations and the continuum of care must be able to respond immediately and provide the appropriate response. At the end of the day, even youth who have been incarcerated or committed to a hospital, will be returning to the community. A continuum of care needs to be in place to insure that these youth do not recidivate and to prevent others from being placed.