A Collaborative Approach to Keep Youth and Families Safe and Together

The Safely Home Campaign is a national movement to keep youth safe and together with their families by building and supporting strong communities, returning kids from out-of-home placements, keeping high-risk youth safely home with the support they need and improving community safety. The Campaign promotes the belief that community-based programs for high-risk youth should be the norm, and out-of-home placement the exception, not the other way around. Initiated by Youth Advocate Program (YAP), the Safely Home Campaign relies on partnerships with systems, policymakers, advocates and practitioners to achieve these seven goals:

Safely Home Fact Sheet


In partnership with like-minded organizations and governments, the Safely Home Campaign will provide direct services, training and consultation to help governments bring youth safely home. It will also mobilize support for public policies and promote best practices that reduce reliance on out-of home placements and redirect savings that invest in community-based programs. Through the Safely Home Campaign, governments and communities will be better able to access the tools, strategies and best practices used to bring and keep high-risk youth safely home.

We need your support and commitment to bring our kids safely home.

We need your support to end the extensive utilization of expensive, secure and congregate care.

We need your support to impact public policy to make community based care the norm not the exception.

We need your support to impact funding strategies so dollars follow the consumer to the most appropriate care.