The Safely Home Campaign is a nationwide movement to safely care for all youth and young adults in their home communities and with their families by reducing and preventing unnecessary out-of-home placements and creating safer, more supportive communities for at-risk young people.

The overarching objective is for young people (ages 0-25) at risk of being removed from their homes and separated from their families to stay safely home with the supports and resources they need. This Campaign addresses these needs in the child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems.

  • 1

    Reduce Out-of-Home Placements

    Change practices and incentives so that children and young people are not removed from their families and placed in foster care, group homes, residential treatment centers, youth prisons or detention centers or other types of congregate care.
  • 2

    Redirect Dollars

    Capture savings from reducing out-of-home placements and redirect them to community-based programs.
  • 3

    Expand Community-Based Alternatives

    Create a continuum of family-focused, neighborhood based, flexible, individualized services that include services for youth and families most at risk of separation.



  • 4

    Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities

    Implement culturally competent community-based programs for youth of color to achieve greater racial equity.

  • 5

    Improve Community Safety

    Redefine public safety as something characterized by safe places in the community that provide the opportunity for positive connection, growth, health and play.
  • 6

    Increase Successful Outcomes for Youth

    Connect young people to the services supports and adults that help them improve their social and economic mobility and realize their goals.

young people are in congregate care settings
due to involved in the juvenile justice system


million youth are disconnected
from school and work


In 22 states, the percent of black children in foster care
is TWO TIMES the percent of black children in the overall populations


youth can be served in the community
for the cost of one youth incarcerated


minority youth are
overrepresented in prison


children were removed from their families
and placed in foster home/congregate setting


Suggestions and ideas from youth
involved in the justice system


Tools and resources that you
can use to further the campaign


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The Safely Home Campaign is a collaborative movement that will achieve its goals with the help of its partners. If your agency or organization supports the six goals of the Safely Home Campaign, please join us.


The Safely Home Campaign is a social justice movement led by Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) and focused on bringing and keeping young people safely home. Since 1975, YAP has partnered with youth, families and governments to provide families with the support they need to stay together and achieve stability. Our focus has been working with young people with the most complex needs in the behavioral health, child welfare and juvenile justice systems, YAP’s approach includes support for young people with complex needs and their families through our wraparound advocacy model and subsidized employment.

100% of our services take place in the homes and neighborhoods of the youth and families we work with.