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The Safely Home Campaign is a collaborative approach to bringing youth safely home from out-of-home placements led by Youth Advocate Program (YAP). Like our direct service delivery where we engage youth and family as partners, our collaborators work together with us, in partnership to change systems through direct services, policy change, and training.

About Youth Advocate Program: YAP provides a network of grassroots neighborhood-based alternative programs to out-of-home placements in the child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems each adapted to the unique needs of the local jurisdiction. For nearly 40 years YAP has been faithful to a very clear mission– that the highest risk youth can be served best in their communities, not in institutions, if they have the support they and their families need.


YAP has helped to improve outcomes for the youth and young adults with the most complex needs through our relationship and community-based advocacy model combined with the wraparound process and supported work (a form of subsidized employment). We have nearly four decades of experience in training, direct service provision, policy advocacy and countless success stories to share. 100% of our services take place in the homes and neighborhoods of the youth and families we work with.


While the Safely Home Campaign is led by YAP, its success depends on the support of national and local partners. We need your support and commitment to bring our kids safely home.



For more information on how to help bring kids safely home in your community, please contact: